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Project internal meetings
07/04/2005, SEEFIRE kick-off meeting
SEEFIRE kick-off meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7-8 April 2005
Related events
06/06/2005, TERENA Networking Conference 2005
TERENA Networking Conference 2005, Poznan, Poland, 6-9 June 2005
16/05/2005, Customer Empowered Fibre Networks workshop
Customer Empowered Fibre Networks workshop, Prague, Czech Republic,16-18 May 2005
Project Workshops
17/01/2006, SEEFIRE Policy workshop
17 January, 2006
Hotel Capsa
Bucharest, Romania

Science, research and technological development are essential for the future growth of Southeast Europe. Most of the countries in the region have established National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in some form, in order to provide research users with networking services.

This workshop focused on the strategic and economic aspects of own fibre network infrastructure in SEE and targeted end-users, university directors, telecommunication operators and other stakeholders of research networks as well as decision makers and representatives at the political level. The objectives of the workshop are in-line with the SEEFIRE project objectives, to promote the importance of an advanced network to support research and development in the SEE region. Furthermore the workshop aimed to raise awareness on the dark fibre network as a cost effective way to allow the National Research and Education Networks in the region to provide high bandwidth at reduced costs.

We would like to thank Level 3 Communications for their support to enable this event.

14/07/2005, SEEFIRE Technical Workshop
14-15 July, 2005
Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia - Bulgaria

SEEFIRE project held a SEEFIRE technical workshop, an event to find out about own dark fibre deployment in the south-east region. The workshop was meant to be a way to raise awareness about the project objectives outside the project boundaries.
01/06/2005, Workshop/tutorial on the technical and practical aspects of own dark-fibre network deployment
Workshop/tutorial on the technical and practical aspects of own dark-fibre network deployment – Summer 2005 – dates and venue to be decided
Provided by the Greek Research and Technology Network - Maintained by Atlantis Group, University of Crete